Note: All items over $100 USD in value will attract duties when imported through Jamaica customs

Additional cost like processing fees will also be applied to all packages which will change the final price for each packages being imported into Jamaica.

Unclaimed packages: we give each customer 14 days to collect their packages, after which will attract a fee of $150 JMD per day. And after 30 days of being uncollected will be auctioned to offset import costs absorb by Shop Tech Jamaica Express.

Bad Address/Missing Mailbox Number: please always ensure your STJX10** Mailbox number is always in Address line 2 to prevent delay or wrong address delivery of your packages. there is also a correction fee of $5 USD for each bad address/missing mailbox number as we would have to locate said package and have its details corrected to be sent to jamaica. (If for any reasons the said package is unable to be found, please reach out to your seller/vendor and ask for a replacement, ensure however though you make the necessary corrections to your shipping details, as we don’t cater to items that were not delivered to us or recorded within our system)

Standard Shipping Time-frame: We ship 2x per week via Standard Air Freight and 1x per week via Sea Freight. Air freights are normally available for pickup/delivery within 3-5 business days, Sea Freight (WeightLess Shipping) within 7-8 business days.

Express Shipping Time-frame: We ship everyday from Mon-Fri for Express shipments to Jamaica. Customer package must arrive at the warehouse before 3pm daylight saving time to make it on same day flight which will be available to collect within 24hrs after shipment has been cleared in Jamaica.

Please view our Air Freight shipping rates below

Rates may change without notice*

**$450 JMD Rate is for items at half pound (0.5lb) or below. items above 0.5lb will be billed at 1lb rate. this rate is only available to Standard Air Shipments

Standard Air Shipping Rates

Weight (lbs) Shipping Rate (JMD)
0.5 $450
1 $550
2 $850
3 $1150
4 $1,450
5 $1,750
6 $2050
7 $2,450
8 $2,850
9 $3,350
10 $3,850
11 $4,650
12 $4,850
13 $5,150
14 $5,450
15 $5,750
16 $6,150
17 $6,650
18 $6,950
19 $7,150
20 $7,600
21 $8,050
22 $8,500
23 $8,950
24 $9,400
25 $9,850

Standard Express Air Shipping Rates (2 day) 

Weight (lbs) Shipping Rate (JMD)
0.5 N/A
1 $1,300
2 $2,300
3 $2,750
4 $3,000
5 $3,450
6 $3,950
7 $4,600
8 $5,000
9 $5,700
10 $6,100

Express Air Shipping Rates (1 day) 

Weight (lbs) Shipping Rate (JMD)
0.5 N/A
1 $1,500
2 $2,500
3 $3,000
4 $3,500
5 $4,000
6 $4,500
7 $5,000
8 $5,500
9 $6,000
10 $6,500

Contact us for items over 10LB

Conditions Apply!


This rate is calculated by the dimension of the box (package) and is recommend for shippers who want to ship larger items than the regular. eg tv, washers, table, chair, furniture etc, but you can ship any item of choice over 10LB.

Please contact us first to make arrangements for Sea Freight shipments. call us 876-365-3530

Please note all shipments are handled with care, so we advise all customers to check their packages in store upon collection/delivery. We don’t offer reimbursement for damage packages, as we at Shop Tech Jamaica Express don’t open packages to check if goods are intact. Jamaica customs may open packages from time to time which is within their authority. if you have received a damage package please reach out to your vendor/seller for a replace of the goods.